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SD528 five phase stepper motor driver

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Four major automated testing software

Provide five phase stepper motor drive.

Product classification: mechanical and industrial equipment / industrial systems and equipment / other industrial systems and equipment

Main specifications: SD2202, SD520, SD500, SD550, SD528

Use: drive device


SD528 is provided to the Pentagon wiring of five phase stepper motor special driver. Features as follows:
- excitation mode: full step for the 4 phase excitation, each 0.72 degree. Half step for the 4-5 phase excitation, each 0.36 degree.
- drive mode: constant current bipolar drive, with precise angle was better and low power advantages of a larger moment.
- special function: has the 1P/2P choice function, temperature due to protection (aho), automatic electric flow regulating (ACD), external ban can control C.OFF, self testing and origin of output (ZrO) and other special features.

The output signal: with temperature due to the output and output with external origin, line road automatic control. Pentagonal wiring structure is there is common and easy to obtain the five phase stepper motor, if is to mix with the star connection structure of motor must be in the factory internal modifications.

Product use: sewing machine spindle embroidery quilting machine spindle packaging equipment winding equipment tensile equipment high-speed positioning system. Machine tools, robots, textile, machinery, CNC drawing machine, industrial sewing machine, digital with pneumatic systems, radar antenna and an automatic rudder control system, electric centrifuge, electric wheelchair. Automatic processing system and automatic counting and automatic fare collection system, automatic teller machine, postal mail.

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